Thursday, June 16, 2011

Official Dork

Eighteen months ago I climbed into a tight-fitting referees's uniform and shot some video for this website. I wasn't aware it was online until an old colleague Facebooked me to say he heard my voice on the computer while his son was searching for cars.

I think it turned out pretty well for all the pain and toil. Not too cheesy. I mean, just being in the uniform and appearing on the page like that is kind of cheesy, but it certainly could have been a lot worse in the hands of lesser talents.

And considering it was all done on green screen, I'm impressed at how well my gestures appear to match up with the various buttons and things I'm pointing to.

I'd like to see some statistics on how many people end up turning me off:

Hopefully I'm not as unpopular as the old Microsoft paperclip. I really hated that little bastard.

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