Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Doctor, doctor

Went to the allergist today and it turns out, contrary to my fear, that my doctor is still there. Glad I didn't go too deep into planning how and where to get black market pharmaceuticals ...

It's so stupid. I told him he wasn't on the website. And the place I go, of course, has multiple entities -- a hospital, a group, etc. -- divisions that make no sense to customers. So he says he's not on the one site because he's not fully part of the hospital -- he practices there one day a week and spends the rest of his time at his expen$ive private practice on Michigan Avenue.

So they don't list him with the other specialists because they don't get a piece of the action when new patients come to or are referred to him. Which is idiotic on a couple of levels. If people want to find him, they'll find him. And it's confusing for existing patients/customers.

Finally, it's hypocritical. They're all too happy to boast about having him on their roster when he's getting recognition and accolades and professorships (and he truly is one of the best around -- he's got a great reputation). But then on the website he's a non-entity.


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