Wednesday, June 01, 2011

All shaved up and nowhere to go

Well, this has never happened.

I flew out to Columbus this afternoon for a commercial shoot tomorrow and there's an urgent message on my phone when I get to my hotel. I call them and it turns out they went over the scripts with the client today and ... wrote my character out!

Apparently they made the decision just as I was wheels up. Clients!

Fortunately my agent fought hard for a good fee for me. They wanted to do a cancellation fee, but with less than 24 hours' notice AND considering the fact that I FLEW TO FREAKIN' OHIO, she got me most of my original fee -- 80%. Which isn't bad considering I'll be back in Chicago tomorrow morning.

The only really bad parts? The hotel pool is indoors, and I shaved for this job. Dummy. If I'd only waited til the morning, but I had to plan ahead ...

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