Friday, May 27, 2011

On a roll

I think I've found the secret to auditioning: not giving a damn.

Or, at least, not getting super worked up about it.

Out of my last five auditions, I booked one, was put on hold for another and "check avail" for a third. Of course, it's one of those other two that I really, really want -- national commercial, major product, shoots in LA, semi-famous director.

The others are ... more ordinary. In prestige and pay and locale. So I think that, plus the fact that I've had so many lately (like I used to have), took a lot of pressure off. And actually, a couple of these I was outright hostile to, for a variety of reasons.

The other thing the three have in common is that they have no dialogue. So maybe I'm getting good at this non-verbal expression thing.

Anyway, some of this is academic since two of the jobs have dates that conflict with two of the others. Typical.

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