Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Idle threats

I frequently rail over injustices and threaten spiteful action that will harm no one but me. But then I cool down and think better of it.

So I spent a good bit of time last night working the lines for this morning's audition, and some more time this morning. (And here's a tip on memorization: work on it before bed and you will retain a lot of it the next morning. A Second City instructor taught me that and it's magic.)

And I went there and, as I suspected, they had the lines up on cards anyway. Nerts!

But then they asked if I could do it without glasses. Good thing I memorized. Most of it, anyway. Three-quarters of it. And so I'm glad I went to the trouble, because it was, I think, pretty impressive to get that much copy -- pretty technical copy at that -- internalized.

And tomorrow morning I get up at 5 am for an early call on the south side ...

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