Monday, May 09, 2011

Friday was a pleasant day for a drive through the country, up to Wisconsin for a print shoot. (I think this was my ninth booking this year.)

Not being a native, I never got into the whole Illinois vs. Wisconsin cheesehead thing. I love going to Wisconsin. I've had several shoots at various companies' corporate headquarters there and they're always decked out in cool art and fixtures with interestingly designed buildings. And the people are really nice.

And the drive is beautiful, unlike Illinois which, outside of a few corners like Chicago, Galena and maybe the southernmost reaches, is a pretty homely state.

All that being said, I feel good about living here, given all the crazy nonsense going on in the states surrounding us. Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio gutting unions and outsourcing services to companies that do the work less efficiently and for more money. Michigan privatizing whole towns. Minnesota with its penchant for electing crazies like Bachmann. Whichever one it was that just cut off Planned Parenthood.

I'm glad to live in a state that's actually confronted its deficit sensibly (instead of just cutting services to the poor), and where our governor did away with capital punishment, which is awesome.

Now if they could just make a few hills ...

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