Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Casting about

I helped a client recently with casting a video project. It was pretty easy. They needed an actress in a host/narrator role, I pulled pics of a few friends from their websites, we went back and forth a bit and they picked one.

I did it mainly to help out a client I've worked with a lot -- it's a relationship I value. I mean, I got some money ... but as the client said, it was like beer money. You can make good money from casting, I suppose, but you have to be scaled for it and established -- otherwise the effort you expend outstrips the income.

Then they asked me to cast another one. With three actors, multiple ages and ethnicities, including college kids (or people who could credibly play college kids). It was a lot of work finding these people. I don't hang out with many 20-year-olds. So I had to reach out to my own contacts for their contacts and collect headshots and look over resumes and websites and screen them and put them together and go back and forth and see about schedules and re-jigger schedules, etc.

I gotta tell you, it wasn't fun. It's a little fun getting other people work, but not quite enough to justify all the hassle. Not to mention the pressure of finding people who I know won't let the client down.

It did make me feel good about one thing. I've got my shit together. I'm amazed at how many actors don't have a reel or website (and not just the college ones, the actual adults). Anybody can do a rudimentary website for almost zero money these days.

And it goes beyond mechanics. There are apparently people out there who don't check their email for hours or even days. People writing me back about a role I cast a couple of days ago.

When I get done with this book I should write another about the business side of acting. Hell, it could have the same title -- Act Like You Mean Business. Or maybe the other option, Act Like It's Your Business, is better. Though either way, as with the job of casting, that's not a project I'm really that interested in.

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