Saturday, May 14, 2011

Video Schmideo

A few props from the shoot

Today we shot the promotional videos for the book and I am soooooo glad it's done.

I worked really, really hard on this. There was the producing -- finding a videographer and a location and figuring out the other details. And that was a pain. I could have just flown out to the publisher in Vermont and done it all there, but doing the raw footage here was a good call. We got a great product.

I found a real pro to shoot it -- excellent attention to detail, knows the space and worked hard to get it right. It was a lot more advanced than I expected -- lighting and rigs and all that stuff. Many steps above a dude with a flip cam.

I got a good deal on the space from my nice pals at Factory Theater. And I learned how to do my own makeup, which is actually a good skill to have.

Then there was the writing. Eight short comedy/informational bits under two minutes each. I had some excellent first drafts, but then I really worked and worked them to get them right. And here's the funny thing about writing: distilling some of the book's key lessons into this format gave me entirely new ideas and insights and a whole new way of looking at the tone.

I actually would love a chance to go back through the book and create that feel throughout. I've got it in some places, but not all. The most succinct way to describe it is "Alton Brown." I haven't watched him much but have enjoyed what I've seen: quirky, educational, funny, nerdy, and definitely the product of a curious mind. It works really well for me and I think it came out great.

Finally, I had to perform it. I worked the material over and over -- probably 20 or more times for each segment. Which, of course, also helped sharpen the writing. Everything feeds into everything else. I got it mostly memorized and was able to improvise around the core stuff with some help from cue cards.

These will be great. They represent the book well -- definitely in terms of content and in many areas, if not all, in tone. They'll be a good marketing tool, both for the book and for other stuff, like speaking and workshops.

I can't wait to see the final product. Now it's Miller Time!

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