Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another day, another booking

Today was my ninth or eleventh booking of the year, depending on how you count it. I'm going with nine, since two of them were really two-part bookings. But they were each over two different days, so maybe it's nine bookings and eleven booking days.

That sounds less impressive -- I "worked" just eleven days so far this year? Thank god I have other work. Still, I average only around eleven bookings a year, so this is a pretty good pace.

The job was good. Lots of moving parts -- fifty-plus actors over three days -- so it was all pretty business-like and chop-chop. Good day (for a day that started at 5:15 am), decent money, nice people.

Then I came home, took a calming walk through the fog along the lake and returned to ... an audition invitation for "rugged everyman, a builder who uses his hands, comfortable with basic tools, no facial hair."

That plus the fact that I got called at 6:30 pm to the last audition slot of the day tomorrow means just one thing: someone dropped out and they needed a last-minute fill-in who met the minimum standards of the character breakdown. In this case, gender and age range.

Yeah, this won't be a waste of time.

Here again is one of those cases of fighting the spite instinct that tells me to go out and get a manicure, sequined jacket and feather boa.

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