Monday, April 25, 2011


Had a film audition this afternoon and I seriously stunk up the joint. I mean, seriously.

And it's too bad. Not so much because of the project. It was an interesting script but pretty violent. I totally love violence on TV and in film but I don't so much like perpetrating it or being the victim of it (either in acting or IRL, obviously).

But it was a good casting director I hadn't been in front of in a long time and I wanted to do a good job. So I prepped my lines and studied my scenes and analyzed the script, and thought about it and practiced it all weekend.

Then I get there and they're way behind. I had to wait an hour to go into the room and do my thing. I'm not going to blame that, though it is hard keeping your focus and energy going all that time. But I finally got in and just ... didn't quite have it. I seemed to be confused about everything, from the instructions to the slate, and then when we finally did it I totally dropped a line.

Badly. I mean, I forgot a word and completely froze. Couldn't think of the actual word or a synonym for it and didn't have the wherewithal to just roll with it.

So I sucked. And the saddest part was, I only got one whack at it. I'm so used to commercial auditions where we do at least two, sometimes more, takes. But they say you should be ready on your first take and do it like it's your last. I know all that, but it doesn't happen that often. I enjoy the process of conversation and asking questions and adjusting things. But the casting director just said, "If you get called back, you should [do x and x]."

Right. The callback. Oh, well.

As always, I don't mind so much not winning a role -- the only thing that really bugs me is if I didn't give it my best, or somehow wasn't able to show my best.

Urgh. I'd say tomorrow's another day, but I don't have an audition tomorrow. So really it's just another day is all.

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