Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh the apps I have blocked

According to Facebook, I have blocked 602 applications. That sounds about right. Remember the "What Beatle/Golden Girl/Shakespeare character/etc. are you?" phase? Those were dark times indeed.

I would say the only thing worse than wasting your time on Facebook is wasting your time playing with apps on Facebook.

Here is the list:

"Which Hogwarts teacher are You?"
# Of Days You Will Survive In The Zombie Invasion
$100 Target Card Giveaway
5 Tricky Questions
8 Image Immature Test
21 questions
101 Treasures (formerly 101 Eggs)
1980's One Hit Wonders!
Anesthesia Drugs & Equipment
Are you a Mac or are you a PC?
Are you a potato?
Are YOU a Southern Belle or a Redneck Princess?
Are you a true black person from Louisville
Are you a True Chicagoan?
Are you a true Cincinnatian?
Are you a true Floridian?
Are you a true Puerto Rican?
Are you Gay, Retarded, or Canadian
Are you Jen Ellison?
Are you on a boat?
Bar World
Bejeweled Blitz
Best Friends Casino
Between You and Me
Big Prize - Bridgestone Super Bowl Sweepstakes
Big Prize iPod Nano Giveaway
Big Prize Publisher
Birthday Cards
Black Strat/White Falcon Sweepstakes
Boston Red Sox Fans
Bouncing Balls
Bullseye Gives
Butterfly Collection
Café World
Castle Age
Chain Letters
Chase Community Giving
Christmas Greetings
City of Wonder
Classic 80's Singles
CNN National Report Card
Collect Hearts
Columbus Blue Jackets Fans
Commonly Confused Words Test
Creepy Dolls
Crime Wave
Daily Horoscope
Death´s Time
Decode your robot name
Demon Wars
Determine your Ayurvedic Dosha.
Discover Your Birth Number
dMotivational Posters
Downey Landmarks
Do you know your Palps?
Dr. Phil's Personality Test
Dr. Seuss Personality Test
Drinks On Me
Dudeist Sacraments
eBay Selling Feed
Family Feud
Family Tree
Fan Appz
Fantasy Bachelor
Farm Town
Fast Typer 2
Find out your Birth number and its meaning
Find out your ruling planet and its meaning
Find your perfect job in the Empire!
Finish the (Greatest) Song Lyrics
Finish The Famous 80's Lyrics
Florida St. Football Fans
Flowers for Friends
Flowers for Moms
Fly the American Flag
Fortune Products
For what BADASS crime will you be arrested?
Friend Hug - Happy Easter
Friend Statistics
Friend Wheel
Frontier Bonuses
Fun Surveys
Gay adoption
Gay Marriage Poll
Ghost Town
Gift Creator
Gifts from Central Pennsylvania
Gifts from YLand
GoToQuiz Polls and Quizzes
Grammar Quiz
Hanes Sock Drive 2010
Happy Aquarium
Hell's Kitchen Game
Honesty Box
Hotel City
How Dirty is Your Mind?
How Dorky are you?
How good is your Grammar?
How likely are you to go to jail?
How Long Will Your Relationship Last?
How many kids will you have?
How many kindergartners could you take on in a fight?
How many of me?
How Michigan are you?
How Mississippi are you?
How much do you know about newborns?
How much of an *sshole are you?
How North Dakotan are you?
How Northern Virginia are you?
How North Shore are you?
How Obscure is Your Taste in Music?
how old do i act
How perverted are you?
How Southern are you?
How strong is your Relationship?
How Well Do You Know Ashland, OR?
How well do you know Dirty Dancing?
How Well Do You Know Me?
How Well do you know Women??
How well do you know your friends?
How well do you REALLY know Everett? Screw that other quiz.
How well do you remember the 80's?
How White Are You?
How Will You Die
How would you do in a fight against Chuck Norris?
How ______ are you?
Hug Me
I'm Reading
I bet i can find out your favorite color in 7 ques
I Love Tallahassee
In what BADASS way are you going to become famous?
In what BADASS way will you TOP YOURSELF?
In your circle of friends, what is your label?
IQ test
IQ Test
IQ Test
Island Paradise
Jewel Puzzle
Just How Well Do You Know Trevor, Anyway?
Kamikaze Race
Kiss Kiss
Know-It-All Trivia
LivingSocial 1-Day Deals
Lucky Train
Make a Gift!
Marine Corps
Marvel Characters
MindJolt Games
Mobsters 2: Vendetta
Mob Wars
Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra
Monty Python Gifts!
Most Commonly Misspelled Words *American Spelling*
Mother's Day Roses
Mr. Men & Little Miss
My Christmas Tree
My City
My Daily Fortune
My Polls
My Rock/Metal/Punk
My Top Fans Pro
NFL Mini Helmets Past and Present
Nike+ Running Monitor
OSU Football Fans
Personality Test
Petcentric Sweeps
Pet Society
Picture Text
Pi Day Challenge
Pieces of Flair
Pirate Clan
Pop Answers
Pot Farm
QRANK – The Ultimate Trivia Challenge
Question Party
Quiz Creator
Quiz Maker
Quiz Monster
Quizopolis Quizzes
Quiz Planet
Quiz Whiz
Remember This!? (Growing Up 80's)
Restaurant City
Roller Coaster Kingdom
Rorschach Test
Save the World
School of Wizardry
Send A Round
Send Life is Good
Sex and the City
Shite Gifts for Academics
Sketch Me
Snowball Fight
Social Calendar
Social Interview
SocialVibe Activities
Sorority Life
spongebob squarepants
Star Wars Figures
Star Wars Trivia
Stats About Me
Status Statistics
Suggestive Fortune Cookies
Superhero City
Super Scratch Offs
Super Slot Machines
Texas HoldEm Poker
The Corner Store
The Definitive LOST Quiz
The Fellowship
The Hall of Justice or Arkham Asylum
The New Astrology™
The Official Michael Jackson Quiz
The Oregon Trail
The Political Idealogy Quiz
The Real You.
The True Age Test
The Ultimate Grammar Quiz
The ULTIMATE Harry Potter Quiz
The Watchmen Personality Profile Quiz
Throw a Softball
Top Gun
Top Words
Totally 80's Stuff
Treasure Isle
Treasure Madness
Typing Maniac
Vampire Wars
Video Game Screenshots - NES
We're Related
We know Reno - do you?
Werewolf Revenge
weSocial Quizzes
What’s your ideal Chicago date?
What "Periodic Element" are you?
What's going to happen to you this year?
What's your Actual Age?
What's Your Bible IQ?
What's your Celtic Zodiac sign?
What's your ideal career?
What's your Musical Key?
What's your Native American Indian name?
What's Your NPR Personality?
What's your personality type?
What's your Red Neck Name?
What's your true nature?
What 70's t.v. show character are you?
What 90's band would you be?
What 2009 song are you?
What accent should you have?
What Alcoholic beverage are you?
What alcoholic drink are you?
What Animal Are You? (Improved)
What animal is your spirit guide?
What are you?
What Arrested Develeopment Character are you?
What Beer Are You?
What brand of cigarettes are you?
What Calvin alter ego are you?
What Character from a John Hughes Movie are you?
What Character from Literature are You?
What character on "Lost" are you most like?
What Chicago neighborhood do you really belong in?
What classic Guns N' Roses song are you?
What Classic Hollywood Actress Are You?
What color heart are you?
What colour is your soul?
What Country Song Tells Your Story?
What crayon color are you?
What Cubs Player Are You??
What D&D Character Class are you? (3.5)
What David Lynch Movie are you?
What DC superhero are you??
What dead rock star are you?
What Dead Rockstar are you?
What Decade Fits Your Personality Best?
What Disneyland Attraction Are You?
What Does Jesus Think of You?
What does your mind look like?
What do your eyes say?
What Drug Are You?
What early 80's wrestler are you?
What Element Are You?
What epic warrior do you unleash?
What Famous Lesbian are You?
What Famous Literary Character Are You?
What Full Metal Jacket character are you?
What girl are you from which girly movie.
What Godfather character are you
What Golden Girls Character Are you?
What Handgun Best Suits You? Part 2
What historical figure are you?
What Hooker Name Are You?
What Hymn are you?
What is the theme song of your life???
What is your Birthflower?
What is your color?
What is your Hippie Name?
What is Your Inner Self?
What is your IQ?
What is your NFL team?
What is your patronus?
What is your Pharmacy IQ?
What is your Stripper Name?
What is your symbol?
What Kenny Chesney song are you.
What Kevin Smith movie character are you?
What Kid Rock song is yours?
What kind of Beatle-fan are you?
What kind of BITCH are you?
What kind of camper are you?
What kind of curmudgeonly old recluse are you?
What kind of demented old lady will you be?
What Kind of Drunk Are You?
What Kind of Gay Are you?
what kind of girls do you attract?
What Kind of Hipster Are You?
What kind of Lesbian are you?
What kind of metal suits you?
What kind of quiz are you?
What kind of Sword-fighter are you?
What kind of trash are you?
What kind of writer are you?
What Large American City Are You?
What Literary Time Period Are You?
What Lord of the Rings Character are you?
What Marvel hero or villain are you?
What Miyazaki Character Are You?
What Monty Python and the Holy Grail Character are you?
What movie is your life?
What movie should you be in, and as what character?
What Muppet Are You?
What Musical are you?
What Musical Instrument are you? (best version!)
What musical theatre character are you?
What Musical Theatre Leading Lady Are You?
What nationality are you?
What Office character are you?
What old movie actor are you?
What old school WWF wrestler are you?
What periodic element are you?
What Personality Trait Stands Out Most In You?
What Plastic Army Man Are You?
what poem are you?
What President are you?
What Prince song are you?
What Princess Bride character are you?
What random object are you?
What Random Object Are You?
What Saved by the Bell Character are you?
What Scrubs character are you?
what Shakespeare character are you ?
What should your name really be?
What should your nick name be
What should your parents have named you?
What Slings and Arrows character are you?
What Sonic Drink are you?
What sort of drunk are you?
What Spice Girl Are You?
What Star Trek character are you?
What State should i live in?
What Stephen King character are you?
What stereotype do you fit?
Whats the chance of your survival on an island?
What Swear Word Are You?
Whats your hidden talent?
Whats Your Monster Name?
What time period should you be living in?
What to Wear
What type of a person are you?
What type of gay are you?
What type of shoe defines you?
What U.S. State Do You Belong To?
What UC do you belong to?
What Work of Literature Are You?
What Would You Be If
Where in all of Disney are you most likely to be found?
Where in Ohio do you belong?
Where Should You Be Living?
Where will Kanye interrupt you?
Where will you go when you die?
Which "Aliens" Character Are You?
Which "Mad Men" character are you?
Which "Waiting For Guffman" Character Are You?
Which 60's subculture would you belong to?
Which 80's Song Describes You?
Which 80's Toy Are You?
Which 80s song describes your life?
Which 1960's rockstar are you?
Which Action Movie Hero Are You?
Which Actor are you most like?
Which alignment are you?
Which American Playwright Are You?
Which Anchorman Character are you?
Which Australian state or territory are you supposed to live in?
Which BADASS thing are you?
Which Band Of Brothers character are you?
Which Batman Villain Are You?
Which Batman villain are you?
Which Battlestar Galactica Character are you ?
Which Battlestar Galactica character are you?
Which Beatle are you?
Which Beatle are you most like?
Which Beatles song Are You?
Which Beatles Song Best Describes You?
Which Big Lebowski Character are you?
Which Bill Murray Character Are You?
Which Billy Mays Product are YOU!
Which Black Books character are you?
Which Blue Valley High School teacher are you?
Which Bluth Are You (Arrested Development)?
Which Bon Jovi song are you?
Which book of the Bible are you?
Which Breakfast Club Character are you?
Which Buffy Character Are You?
Which Care Bear are you?
Which celebrity should you marry?
Which celebrity would play you in a movie of your life? (women only)
Which character are You from "Plan 9 from Outer Space"?
Which Character from Battlestar Galactica Are You?
Which character from HBO's True Blood are you?
Which character from The Wire are you?
Which classic children's book character are you?
Which Classic Hollywood Actress Are You?
Which color best suits your personality?
Which crazy bitch are you?
Which Crazy Writer Are You?
Which cult movie character are you?
Which Dazed and Confused character are you?
Which Death Eater are you?
Which decade are you?
Which Dirty Dancing Character Are You?
Which Doctor Who are YOU?
Which dog are you?????
Which Drake Theatre Professor are you?
Which Entourage Character Are You?
Which EU capital should you live in?
Which Evil, Evil Person in History Are You?
Which Facts of Life character are you?
Which Famous Historical Couple Are You?
Which Famous or Infamous Woman In History Are You?
Which Famous People Share Birthday With You
Which figure from The Book of Mormon are YOU most like?
Which film director are you?
Which Firefly Character Are You?
Which Fleur de Tease performer are you?
Which Food Network Personality Are You?
Which Freak or Geek are You?
Which Friends Character Are You?
Which gay stereotype are you?
Which Ghastlycrumb Tiny are you?
Which Ghostbuster Are You?
Which Gilligan's Island Character are you?
Which Golden Girl are you?
Which Golden Girl Are You?
Which Goonie Are You?
Which Greek God are you?
Which Greek Goddess are you?
Which Happy Bunny saying fits you best?
Which Harry Potter character are you?
Which He-man/She-Ra character are you?
Which highly specialized kitchen implement are you?
Which Historical Female Badass Are You?
Which Horror Movie Killer would you be?
Which Iron Maiden song are you?
Which Jedi are you?
Which Justice League of America member are you?
Which Leading Lady Are You?
Which legendary warrior are you?
Which Liquor Are You?
Which Little House On the Prarie character are you?
Which Lolcat are you - taek teh quizz!!1!
Which LOLcat are you?
Which M*A*S*H Character Are You?
Which MadMen Character are You?
Which Madonna song describes you best?
Which Match Game Celebrity Are You?
Which mathematical function are you?
Which math theorem are you?
Which Member of the Griffin Family Are You? (Family Guy)
Which Metal Band Are You?
Which Michael Jackson Song Are You?
Which movie romance do you fit into?
Which Muppet are you?
Which of Jesus' Disciples Are You?
Which of the X men are you?
Which of your Chakras is most open?
Which Old School Obscure Seasame Street character are you?
Which Peanuts Character Are You?
Which Princess Bride character are you??
which punk band are you?
Which punk rock star are you?
Which Quentin Tarantino Character are you?
Which race would you belong to in Middle-Earth?
Which Red Wing are you?
Which Rocky Horror Character are you?
which Rocky Horror Picture Show character are you?
Which Shakespearean Character Would You Be?
Which Shakespeare Play Are You?
Which side of your brain is dominant?
Which South Park Character Are You?
Which Spaceship Captain Are You?
Which Springfield resident are you?
Which Star Trek: The Next Generation Character are you?
Which Star Trek captain are you?
Which state should you live in?
Which Steel Magnolias Character Are You?
Which Superhero are you?
Which suspect from "Clue: The Movie" are you?
Which Tarantino character are you?
Which that 70's Show Character are You?
Which Tim Burton Character Are You?
Which Tombstone Character Are You?
Which Tom Waits are you?
Which total badass are you?
Which Transformer are you?
Which Transformer are you?
Which TRULY Badass Historical Female Are You?
Which TV Mom are You?
Which type of woman are you?
Which US President are you?
Which Wes Anderson character are you?
Which West Wing Character are you?
Which Will Ferrell Character Are You?
Which Winnie-the-Pooh character are you?
Which Wizard of Oz Character are You?
Which Zodiac Sign Are You Most Compatible With?
Who Has The Biggest Brain?
Who Is Your Disney Prince?
Who Should Direct the Movie of Your Life?
Who Were You In A Past Life?
Who Will Play You In A Movie? (The Black Version)
Who would be your celebrity boyfriend?
Word Twist
World at War
World War
Yar! Pirate Flags!
Your Birthday Profile
Your Indian Name!
Your Tarot Card Reading
Your True Theatre Calling
Zombie Slayer
Zoo Kingdom
Zuma Blitz

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