Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I am Ralph

And just like that, I booked another job. The Ralph one, of all things.

The people were great, the space was cool, I was given a paragraph of copy to memorize when I got there and I nailed it on the second take. I was wishing I'd dressed a wee bit more ralph-like, but I could tell they liked me anyway and I booked it.

It's nice to keep the momentum going, but this one is definitely a "single," to continue yesterday's baseball analogy. That's basically three singles and three doubles. Plus, I don't know, a couple of extra bases on wild pitches for the checks from past years' jobs?

The best thing? The job is just a 10 minute El-ride away. After renting three cars and hitching a ride in the first quarter to go to Indiana and Schaumburg and Naperville and Joliet, that will be huge, huge relief. Imagine a four-hour job taking less than five hours total, instead of seven! A job that, after transportation, taxes and agent commission, actually pays a living wage!

I love playing on my home field.

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