Thursday, April 14, 2011

Following orders

All my technology is now in order. The laptop's new hard drive continues to hum along (though I may tweak it with more memory), the iPad is fantastic, and today I got the iPhone's battery replaced at the only non-Apple place in Chicago that will do it -- a nerdy little storefront operation in Jefferson Park.

As the guy handed over the phone he told me to run it all the way down and recharge it fully -- twice. He said it was very important. So important he told me three times. He said lots of people ignore the advice and then find they have problems with the device. I assured him I am veerrrry good at following instructions.

And I am. I peeked at my file at pinky rehab and there was a check mark indicating what a ready and willing learner I am. A few years ago when I was doing voiceover classes the instructor seemed genuinely surprised that I was doing the prescribed daily vocal exercises. And commercial directors often marvel that I manage to do what I'm told.

I'd chalk it up to my German heritage if I took any stock at all in the notion that my behavior is in any way impacted by the culture or genetics of a place my close relatives haven't lived in for a century and a half.

Nope. I think I just like structure.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to using my phone when it's not attached to a wall outlet or car charger. You know, mobile.

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