Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A book by its cover

Mightily relieved to have the name and cover design decisions put to bed. And now into the deep, dark interior.

I started going over the galleys today and I think the publisher is going to freak at my line edits. But many of them are conversion-caused issues going from Word to layout. Apparently there were a lot of those that they already went through and caught, but I'm still finding some.

Others are some original typos of mine -- not too many. Still others are small revisions that have occurred to me. I'm trying to resist those, and take my own advice to use this stage only for typos and errors instead of major edits.

Then there's a fourth category. I swear I'm not going through line-for-line comparing my last draft to the galley, but it may seem like it. It's uncanny. Tiny little changes the editor made here and there -- as small as a word or two -- just stick out like rusty nails on a board.

I'm talking tiny. A word that's not italicized. Changing "we" to "you" or "your audiences's needs" to "the needs of your audiences."

I don't know if I'm so used to the words I wrote because it's been 11 months and 9 drafts or if the edits are awkwardly done. I think it's mostly a musical or rhythmic thing. It's like I'm reading along and something just goes CLUNK. Like a pianist hitting an untuned key.

I think I do have an ear for the language that some people don't have. It's kind of a pain in the ass.

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David August said...

Looks nice, congrats and good luck with the changes.