Saturday, April 30, 2011

The $1,391 pinky

Three months ago, if I had found myself in some dungeon, tied to a chair and a guy with a hatchet said, "I could chop off your left pinky finger or you could pay me $1,400," I might have actually weighed the decision for a little while. I mean, it's a freakin' pinky. On my LEFT hand.

Fourteen hundred dollars, on the other hand (as it were) ... well, there's lots I could think of to do with that money. iPad. Nice vacation. Oh, wait, I did those things, too.


So $1,391. And that's with a pretty nice health plan. But, of course, there's the $500 ER deductible, and the $200 ER co-pay, and the 10% co-insurance payment, then ANOTHER damned $500 major medical deductible for followup doctor and P/T visits.

Absolutely ridiculous. Even my crappy old catastrophic-only plan covered ER visits 100%.

The biggest problem small business owners face is not onerous taxes, it's obtaining and paying for decent healthcare. Only in America!

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