Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two out of three ain't pad

I lucked out this morning and got the iPad!

It was a little rainy when I got there before 7. Unfortunately, they switched things up and opened at their regular time of 9 instead of 8. So two hours of standing around.

The good news is, they had tons and tons in their latest shipment. I didn't get exactly what I wanted. 3G, check; AT&T, check; black, check. No 32 GB, though, so I traded up to the 64. But better to have more than less.

So far, so good. Got a bunch of apps loaded and organized. I guess I got a little caught up in things -- I completely forgot to go to yoga. Mercy! Tuesday is always double-workout day -- duh.

This is gonna be fun. AND productive. Can't wait to have this thing on my next booking, meeting or trip.

Also, as penance for my conspicuous consumption, I donated 5% of what I spent to crisis relief in Japan and the recall effort in Wisconsin.

So if we're keeping score, the iPad and the book are in the bag. The pinky's gonna take a little longer, but back to rehab tomorrow.

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