Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tunnel, light

I remember the afternoon after the blizzard, I was downright distraught over my workload. After a quick early morning trip to see the snow I was right back at it, grinding away for 7 hours on one of these white papers. (Which aren't actually white papers. If they were white papers they'd be easy -- instead they're supposed to read like the Economist or Wired.)

And it still wasn't right. And I had others coming in. Plus a big pile of other client work all coming at me at once. Plus the book.

But after six weeks of numerous weeknights and weekends, I gradually chipped away at it, even as additional stuff continued to flow in. And this week I finished draft #WhoKnows of another paper, a bunch of web copy for a client, a brochure and a proposal for another client, web copy for still another client and by last night things were starting to look pretty good.

Then feedback on the book came in from the editors. Gah!

But I finished up my client stuff this morning, spent part of the afternoon going through the book edits to see what was what, and I was pleased to find it's in pretty decent shape. I might actually have a fairly normal couple of weeks ahead of me. A new project is about to start up, but it's pretty doable.

I do enjoy a challenge but I also have nothing against just regular ol' run-of-the-mill work that's not super-taxing. Maybe I'm lazy that way, but in the end they both pay the same.

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