Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pinky, iPad, Book, Repeat

That seems to be the sum of my life lately.

Pinky. Making slow and sometimes painful progress with the pinky, wondering if I'll ever be able to make a hook fist again, and feeling pressure to make more progress before my next appointment with the physical terrorist.

iPad. Lined up at the Apple store Friday, only to be told there were no AT&T models in stock. Then Saturday it was no 3G models at all. I'm giving this just a few more shots, starting Tuesday, then will probably give up and wait for my late April delivery. Though the crisis in Japan is threatening to impede supply in two-to-three weeks, so who knows?

Book. The book is finally in the final, final stages of finality, with just a few finishing touches this weekend, including making sure I don't sound like a prevaricator, exaggerator or showboat. Not sure what I will do with my life when almost 11 months of writing comes to an end. Speeches, articles and marketing, probably ...

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