Monday, March 14, 2011

Once more, into the breach

Word has it that more iPads are arriving tomorrow, and it will be another first-come, first-serve thing.

I'm hoping not many people know about it and even fewer will be able to get down there to wait on a Tuesday. Hell, I was there this afternoon just to confirm in person what I heard over the phone and some pinhead comes strolling in saying, "I'd like to buy an iPad." How the hell could he have not heard or read the dozens of stories and hundreds of message board postings about the damned thing selling out this weekend?

And he's just the kind of unobsessed, casual user who will probably luck his way into getting one ahead of everyone else.

So tomorrow I'm conducting all my business in and around the Apple Store. I've got two genius bar service appointments lined up first thing. Actually, one of them before the store's official opening. Which I will be early for, just in case.

For all I know there are hundreds of people camped out there right now. These are the times I wish for real-time Google Earth/Street View capability. Seriously. You should be able to sit on your couch and, say, peek inside a bar or restaurant you're thinking of going to to see how crowded it is at that moment. Or if a party is lame.

So that's it. One more try. If tomorrow's another washout I give up and order online, the wait for which is now going on a month!

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