Thursday, March 31, 2011

In a Word

I usually complain about overly specific character breakdowns that go on and on in endless, often contradictory, detail, a la: "intellectual, quirky, passionate, brilliant, authoritative, likable, authentic, charming, captivating, memorable, deadpan, witty, roguish, innocent, child-like, enthusiastic."

A couple of weeks ago one of them went so far as to specify the color belt I was to wear (brown -- with black pants, inexplicably).

Today it was the opposite problem. Here is the entirety of my character description for tomorrow morning: "Ralph."

What do I do with that? One Facebook friend suggested it was a verb. Another said I just need to play a heavyset bus driver. So binge then purge.

It does say wardrobe is "professional." Maybe I'll go as a professional wrestler. Or a race car driver.

I could have called to get clarification, but I'm tired of always doing that. I'm just going with the flow lately. I've even stopped asking for different audition slots, so I'm stuck with 9 am.

I've got a lot of eating to do ...

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