Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I'm no loser

I've never been one of those people who loses things. In fact, I've lost so few things in my life that I can remember most of them.

In elementary school there was the little Aztec medallion my Mom brought me from Mexico. Lost that somewhere outside playing. I lost a Kennedy half-dollar that I carried every day for almost a year in my teens. In college I left my ATM card in the machine on a visit to Roanoke. In my 20s I'm pretty certain a kitchen knife went with an empty pizza box into the trash.

In fact, I'm convinced most of what I've lost has been accidentally thrown away. I'll go back to the kitchen with 20 things on my mind and 5 things in my hands -- spoon, empty yogurt container, napkin, cup, etc. -- and I'll inevitably throw away and save the wrong things. I open the trash can and there's the spoon sitting on a bunch of coffee grounds.

In the past few years I've lost a lot more stuff. Sunglasses on the bus. Scarf on Wellington Avenue. Multiple ear warming devices -- 180s, headbands, etc. I don't know if life is more complicated or if I have more stuff or if I'm just losing my mind.

The other day I lost my iPhone earbuds AGAIN. I had to buy my FIFTH set. I didn't lose them all -- some I just broke, which is another issue. But I've almost bought enough to buy a whole new phone!

It's really bugging me. I'm going to try focusing a little more and being less distracted. And for safety, tying them up whenever possible.

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