Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Digging for dollars

Tomorrow I have a booking -- another direct one, no audition, which is cool.

I wasn't going to do it because the pay was low for a long day out in the burbs and the cost of renting a car, gas and tolls.

Then they raised the rate and got me a ride with a guy I know who's also on the shoot. So I agreed to do it.

And now I just learned it's with a company that I've worked with before that takes five-to-six months to pay. I could say no, but that would really put my agent in a bind.

One of the rules of the business is that you never talk money on the set with the client or production company. That's strictly for the agent to take care of.

But hey, these guys are practically acquaintances, right? So I think I'll be testing that rule tomorrow.

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