Monday, March 28, 2011

A clean well-lighted place

I wrote most of the book at the little Argo tea around corner, and I like the place, especially in the summer, when you can sit outside. Their tea is really good, too, which helps.

The inside experience is a little different. Close quarters, and you're packed right in there will all the regulars. The middle-aged Serbian dudes who run out every 15 minutes for smoke breaks. The old guy we call Kojak, who strikes up a conversation with every woman under 30. The dude who surrounds himself with magnets (don't ask). Etc.

But none of that bothers me. That's just local flavor. What bothers me is those signs there in the windows. This is a classic case of a company looking past its existing customers toward the new ones they can draw in. Those signs are positioned at about the right height to catch the eye of passersby.

Unfortunately, that's also the height that completely blocks your view when you're sitting at the window. And the whole point of sitting by the window is to stare out it every once in a while, and in half the seats you can't do that.

It's not just me -- it bothers a lot of people. People are always futzing with the damned things, trying to roll them up or swing them aside. I guess instead of complaining about it here, I should just do something constructive. Like twitter about it.

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