Thursday, March 17, 2011


Long day of comedy and tragedy. Not trusting either of the two alarms I set to get me up, I awoke at 2:45 am, fresh from maybe three-and-a-half hours of sleep, if that. I was all set to be grumpy about the early call and the no hotel but, as usual, the crew and cast turned out to be all pretty cool people.

The major drama of the day came during a short break to re-set the lights during the first shoot. One of our group strolled up to a slot machine, inserted a dollar and pulled the handle as we all watched. Welp, turns out that's illegal! Employees and vendors are prohibited from gambling or drinking on the premises.

He was promptly swarmed by staff then led away by security, never to be seen again. Rumors ranged from his arrest to being locked away in the holding cell downstairs. We all felt terrible. What a crappy way to start the day -- or, in his case, to end the day. And imagining the likely reaction from his agent turned our stomachs.

We all agreed that what he did was probably inappropriate -- it wouldn't occur to me to essentially play on the client's time and in the client's place of business -- but illegal? I guess they could lose their license for something like that, so it's very, very serious. On the other hand, nobody told us!

Anyway, that was just hour 1 of a 10 hour shoot. Worked with an old friend, made some new friends and got coupled up with a 26-year-old instead of the 56-year-old, which I thought was both appropriate and cool. (Though the director at one point asked us to "look like you're having a good time and, you know, like each other." We couldn't help it. We were in the background and just doing what actors do -- comparing notes and griping about auditions, agencies, jobs, etc.)

Twelve hours door-to-door-to-door, but at least traffic was a breeze, both to and fro.

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