Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Mini snowdrift driven through my kitchen door
by 50 mph north winds.

People act like they've never seen thundersnow before.

Seriously, we seem to get that every couple of years. But this sounds like it's going to be a blizzard for the books. The biggest since 1999, which I remember. Or maybe going back to the '60s, which I do not.

I hope we get a ton. It seems since I left the East Coast they've suddenly been getting all the huge snows. So we're due.

Unlike '99, though, work goes on -- business as usual. For me, at least. Lake Shore Drive is closed and people are stuck on buses and ditching their cars ... but I've got a 10 am conference call, a bunch of reading to do beforehand, and then a deadline or two to meet afterward.

Clients in San Francisco, Houston and Atlanta don't much care about our little snowstorm. And clients right here are working at home just like me.

As long as I can find some time to get out and capture photos of the alleged 15-to-30-foot waves they're projecting, I'll be fine ...

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