Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rehab ... noooo, nooo, no!


I haven't quite made it to doing these exercises once per hour, but I probably got in six sessions today. It hurts. I guess I should look at the handwritten message on the instructions from the PT: "respect pain, don't push through."

It also gives me the willies. That pinky is definitely not cooperating with the other fingers when they straighten out and make a straight fist and a full fist and a hook fist.

But at least I can type again with decent proficiency. And I need to, because work is continuing to kill me. I made a mistake in knocking off early Monday and not working last night, so I find myself here still slogging away, one eye and ear on the Colbert Report.

The reward for all this hard work over the past six weeks is supposed to be some much-needed technology upgrades. Rumors have had it that new MacBook Pros are coming out tomorrow and new iPads next week. But then the latest rumors as of today have backtracked. They're saying these will be slightly modified models, not overhauled ones.

So what I am working for? Prudent savings and practicality?

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