Wednesday, February 09, 2011

On the bright side ...

... I'm getting auditions again. Two last week and two this week. Not gangbusters by historical standards but fantastic compared to lately.

On the downside it's happening when I've got this big nasty splint on my paw. (I lied -- yesterday was not my last finger post.)

I tell them this is just a temporary thing and I'm seeing the doctor and everything will probably be fine, but if I were them, why take a chance? But I figure if necessary I can take this splint off and just buddy-tape the ring and pinky fingers in a little bit of unobtrusive flesh-colored tape for a few hours.

I've read different things -- splint or tape for a week or 10 days all the way up to splint for six weeks and physical therapy. I guess it all depends on how serious it is.

At least tomorrow we'll see what an actual doctor says. Yes, I called them up and shamed them and they're going to see me, though I worry this is like insulting the wait staff -- what's the medical field equivalent of spitting in the customer's food? Invasive procedures? Endless bloodwork?

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