Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Neverending Story, Part 6

The occupational therapist seemed 3,000 times more knowledgeable and personally engaged than the doctor was.

She was like a real craftsman, measuring the angles of my pinky with a protractor-like thingy, checking and recording the amount of swelling, creating and custom-fitting a new splint, talking me through everything, providing diagrams of exercises and bunch of other things.

So I'm glad I went. And I talked her down to going week-to-week on this, as opposed to scheduling several visits a week. I've got a bunch of finger exercises I'm supposed to do ONCE AN HOUR (though she did assure me I didn't have to wake up during the night to do them).

Not sure I'll get them in every hour, but will try for every several. They're tough to do right now, partly from the injury, partly from the swelling and partly from being immobilized for almost three weeks, so I'm looking forward to seeing some progress.

Mostly I'm happy to have a much smaller and easy-to-remove splint, so I can do more things when I have it on and take it off for important things like showering. And auditioning. In fact, I've got a booking on Friday -- a followup to an earlier job -- and I think it will be fairly manageable.

On the other hand, I don't have the same amount of protection with this splint. I've got to be very careful and take things really, really slowly. I tend to move with great force. Whether getting a coffee mug out of the cupboard or washing my face, my arm is moving at 60 mph. So when I miss and hit the side of the cabinet (or a nostril), it really hurts.

Same reason I've been to the ER twice to get my tongue stitched from errant gum chewing. I am an odd person.

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