Monday, February 07, 2011

Lucky breaks

The day of the blizzard I was feeling nearly suffocated by all the work on my plate. I got up early to go out in the gloom and the gale-force winds to survey the damage because I wasn't sure I'd have a chance to get back out there.

And sure enough, while everyone else was playing in the sun and the calm I was shuttered inside, working well into the night in order to catch up and maybe get ahead.

Then the next day I fell and dislocated my finger -- maybe because I was so crazed, rushing to get laundry and other stuff done as I prepared for multiple conference calls that afternoon. In fact, most of those calls didn't end up happening anyway.

A lot of things didn't happen. A client that was in a mad-rush with an impossible deadline dragged its feet for several days. Another went back and forth with so many questions and revisions on the one-page statement-of-work that the budget was nearly busted before the project started. The latest draft is in their hands now.

So everything's down to one huge project, one that shrank to medium-sized, the very tail end of another (thanks to multiple nights and wee-mornings), and the other one still on the back-burner.

Oh, and then there's the book. Conference call tomorrow to go over their latest edits. Even that's looking more manageable.

I should know by now that it always seems to works out. Just when I think I'm going to be totally snowed under, a combination of good luck and hard work gets me through.

Such a relief.

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