Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Last finger post

I pinky swear.

So the other day when my finger was bent into an L shape, my first thought was to get to the emergency room. And by that I mean the nearest emergency room.

Northwestern is my regular hospital -- they do excellent work, but they're several miles away. So I went to the one three blocks away. Because it was closer and because I was freaked out. Also, I thought it would be less crowded with trauma victims competing for attention.

Now I need follow-up care. Sort of. That's debatable, actually, but I figure since I have good insurance, why not cross the Ts and dot the Is. You never know. If nothing else, I wouldn't mind getting a fresh splint and bandage.

But the people in the hand surgery/reconstruction/etc. department at Northwestern say they don't take patients who were treated in emergency rooms outside the system.

I was so flabbergasted by this I just sort of laughed. Now I'm kinda pissed. What if I was out of town when I had to go the ER? Or if I'd had chest pains?

So now that I've got my dander up I need to call them tomorrow and talk to someone in patient services or something. I could go to the doctor the ER referred me to, but I'd really prefer to get back into the system. And it's bizarre that they're not interested in taking my money. Or my insurance company's money.

Total bizarro world.

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