Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last dispatch from Fingerland

Yup, every finger post is my "last" one.

So I shamed them into seeing me against their stated policy and it was ... odd. They do plastic and reconstructive surgery there, so it's like a whole other world. The receptionist looks like a model, the offices are on a corner with a great view, several different areas to wait in, with little alcoves for privacy.

All in all, I think my little finger issue is not what you'd call a profit leader in their business model, and it was treated as such.

The doctor was a little rushed and a little scattered, not knowing I had brought x-rays, then looking at the wrong x-rays, unwrapping the hand kind of clumsily, not giving me much of a diagnosis upon the quick examination ...

Then he starts to re-wrap it and I ask whether it shouldn't be washed. You know, a full week under wraps and unshowered and it was getting pretty nanky. He agreed that might be a good idea.

He's sending me to rehab and I'm probably going to go once -- mainly to get the splint off and figure out how to take care of it from here. Maybe get a more, um ... thorough diagnosis.

Then I'll take whatever exercises they give me (probably the same ones we pulled off the Internet), but I'll probably do them on my own instead of going there three or four times a week. Honestly, at this point in my life, if I don't recover a full range of motion in my pinky, I'll probably live.

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