Thursday, February 24, 2011

Into the fuuuuuture ...

A friend of mine who has always been way ahead of me technology (and everything else) wise, asked if I like reading on the Kindle better than hard copy books. And as I talked about it I could name a half-dozen advantages of hard copy over electronic -- it's easier to skim around, to look up characters and references in past chapters, the pictures look better, you can lend them out, etc., etc.

But the one major advantage of the Kindle outweighs all of those others. It's lightweight and portable. I love being able to take the book -- tons of books, actually -- anywhere. Most of all, I like how I can move (mostly) seamlessly from device to device. So even when lugging the Kindle is too much, I can read off my phone.

This is how I read Life -- on the phone, the Kindle, the computer and even in hard copy. I've had the Kindle software on my computer for a couple of years now, but never bothered to read a book on it since I had the Kindle device. It has the advantage of much sharper resolution, which is good for pictures. In fact, the only reason I got the hard copy was because I wanted to see the photos better.

So now that I know this I've probably bought my last hard copy book.

The great thing is, any limitations e-readers have will soon be eliminated. The iPad has already made great advances. I'm looking forward to easier skimming, seamlessly going back and forth from a book to the Internet to look stuff up. And someday, if they can weave audio -- and even video -- versions into the mix, that'll be really awesome.

The book itself? Fantastic. Funny, witty, insightful, and a really wonderful and consistent voice throughout. Now he just needs to make a 90-minute video demonstrating the guitar licks and effects he describes in the book.

Someday all that stuff will be right in the book, accessible at the tap of a finger. Someday ...

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