Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ValentiMes and all ...

I have done almost nothing for the past week but:
  • Work on the book. The changes have been advertised as minor and limited, but it's taking me between one and two hours per chapter to fix. Which means 20-40 hours. Editing fast is easy; editing well is hard. Writing that's well constructed can't just have chunks taken out of it -- all those chunks come with long threads of connection, like jellyfish stingers, that have to be managed as well. I'm about three quarters of the way through, though. And I'm moving a bunch of chapters around. Which is a bitch in track changes mode.
  • Working on work. These briefings/white papers are killing me. We're taking articles written by technology/management consultants and trying to make them read like Wired magazine. You know, compelling, interesting, thought-provoking -- all that. A very tall order in some cases. Today my head was spinning from trying to pull meaning and understanding from these people.
  • Dealing with my hobbling. I'm looking forward to getting my other hand back, especially in the shower. And yoga and Pilates have been a real trick. I'm hoping to become expert in one-handed pushups.

That's it. Worked 'til 11 last night, but knocked off tonight at 9:30. Exhausted, but looking forward to re-energizing with some sleep and starting fresh tomorrow.

Oh, one other thing. Valentines Day pizza!

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