Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Ending

A tale of two checks.

I visited two agents on Friday to pick up checks. The first was for a brief fill-in voiceover session (for another client that changed copy after the fact). It was $75. Minus commission and taxes.

The second was a total surprise. It turns out these guys actually ponied up for re-airing that commercial. Excellent news, and substantially more than $75. I think I'm going to use the money to buy one of the new iPads being announced this week.

I suppose if I was prudent I'd use the money to pay the $700+ in ER bills for my dislocated pinky. WTF? My otherwise solid health plan charges a $500 deductible for ER visits, plus a $200 co-pay. My crappy individual plan a few years ago paid every cent of a $2,500 ER trip.

Insane. But instead of paying for that, I think I'm going to treat myself. I deserve it after the couple of months I've had of toiling in the proverbial salt mines.

It was the worst of times, so I should have some best of times.

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