Friday, February 25, 2011

The Eyes Have It

I did an industrial shoot today that was sort of a make-up session. The lawyers changed the script, which would have been a lot easier to do when it was a Word document and not a fully shot and edited video. Duh.

Anyway, they showed me the (now almost) finished product and I got to see my footage. It's a close-up, straight into the camera thing, kind of dramatic, different characters phasing in and out doing a line or two at a time. It turned out great, but ...

... I was distracted by my blinking. I have a DVD of Michael Caine is running a little acting workshop and one of his tips, which I obviously did not internalize, is to avoid blinking. It makes the performance more powerful, more intimate, more dramatic.

I'd never really thought about it, because I guess I haven't done a project where it would quite apply -- extreme close-up with short bits of copy.

Of course, trying not to blink when you're thinking about it is like stifling a yawn in front of another yawner.

Next time.

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