Saturday, February 19, 2011

A break in the weather

Yesterday I got up early, around 6:15, like I've been doing for weeks and started in on work. Banged out another revision to another paper, made some calls, tied up some loose ends then ... realized I had time to go to they gym, which I did.

And when I got back? An eerie feeling. For the first time in weeks and weeks I felt completely caught up. Nothing major due or hanging over my head. Two drafts in the client's hands, a new project starting up Monday, two others quiet for now. Insane.

So I ran some errands, vacuumed the place, read a hundred articles on the Internet about how the GOP is screwing the country. It was heaven.

Looking ahead, I think the hardest of the hard part is mostly over for this one project. And the new one starting up is totally manageable. I don't mind not being completely challenged for a bit.

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