Monday, January 03, 2011

The year that was

As I suspected, 2010 was not a terrific year for commercial work, and the numbers bear that out. It's a little concerning -- we'll have to see if this pattern spills over into the new year.

After two straight years of 100-plus auditions, the 2010 number plunged to 63 (11 print, 8 industrial, 39 commercial, 4 film, 1 voiceover). That's the fewest I've had since 2006. So it's gone like this:
  • 2006: 48
  • 2007: 86
  • 2008: 103
  • 2009: 101
  • 2010: 63
What in the hell is up with that? If I'm determined to stay in this business this year, I may have to think about new representation.

As for bookings, I had 12 (3 print, 4 industrial, 3 commercial, 1 film and 1 voiceover), which is pretty much the average over the past few years, with as few as 11 and as many as 15. Some of those bookings came directly -- many of them, actually. So it's hard to make any kind of a "1 booking per xx auditions" ratio.

The key on bookings is quality, both in opportunity and in revenue. Both were down in 2010.

Of course, 2009 was a phenomenal year -- I made almost two-and-a-half times what I made the year before, which had been my best year up to then. And two giant bookings made up a good chunk of that income. So that was probably a fluke of a year.

In terms of revenue, this year was back down to 2008 levels. A little better actually, making it my second best year, but a distant second. Acting revenue made up 23% of my total income -- again, way down from 2009, where acting accounted for HALF, but more in line with 2008.

What's really odd is that while my acting and consulting income have fluctuated a lot over the past few years, the total always seems to come out around the same. So when one's down, the other's up. It's strange, but fortunate, I guess, how that works.

I'm not all that disappointed, actually. I knew 2009 would be tough to top. In terms of bottom-line results, 2010 was not bad.

Anyway, much change to come in the year ahead. I don't even know if these measures will be relevant this time next year. More on the future later ...

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