Thursday, January 27, 2011

User unfriendly

Here is the process I have to go through when I book an audition with one my agents. It's their super-special proprietary system that they probably paid someone a lot of money to build, and then that someone built it with zero regard for the end users. These are the steps:
  1. Open email
  2. Click link in email
  3. Go to the job noted in email and click on link
  4. Here you have the breakdown (which describes the job, the role, the pay, etc. -- all the details). Awesome! So you print that out and go, right? Nope. It's some stupid framed deal with a scroll window. If you hit print, you only get what's showing on the screen, so you miss half-to-two-thirds of the breakdown. And no, you can't just go paperless because, of course, it's not mobile compatible. So you have to ...
  5. Highlight the text for copying and pasting. But not so fast. There's a bunch of boxes and other formatting there, so if you Select All, you'll get a huge mess when you paste it into a document, even if you have it paste text only without formatting. (Basically, the text will go into a one-inch wide column for 10 or 12 pages.) So you very carefully select only the text within the box and you forego some of the crucial information outside of it.
  6. Open Word document
  7. Paste into Word document. Awesome! All done now, right? Nope. They use some shitty, barely readable gray-scaled font that their stupid designer thought would look pretty but didn't consider, again, any impact whatsoever on the end user, so you ...
  8. Select all text
  9. Click on font color (auto) to make it black. And now you're ready to ...
  10. Print!
And that's all there is to it! Genius!

Isn't it bizarre that a major reason I would have for leaving this agency is the website it uses? I wonder if that was ever on their minds when they designed it?

(And I have pointed out this issue. Immediately after the site went live.)

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