Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The rest of the year that was

I was kind of grousing about the year's commercial auditions and bookings the other day, but the truth is, it wasn't that bad at all. It was totally fine, actually, considering I was mostly consumed with the book and, especially in the second half of the year, work.

Now I don't know if these other distractions had any direct impact on the numbers. It wasn't like I was turning down auditions and gigs left and right. I probably missed out on a few, but not 30 or so. At some points when things were really crazy, it was actually a relief not to not have three or five auditions in a week.

I wonder sometimes if there's some kind of unconscious or indirect action going on at times like this. Some weird energy that's put out there.

Anyway, it was overall a very good year. Interestingly, very little of what I did and accomplished was planned:
  • I wrote a book. Had no idea I was going to do that. Not a clue. But it was a really enjoyable and satisfying process.
  • I took two fantastic trips. First, to Alaska, my 46th state. Then to London, a longtime, huge missing piece in my travelogue and a very welcome return to overseas travel after a long hiatus.
  • I did some really interesting work for some good clients -- Harley, Coors, Mars and United -- getting some more great experience and excellent contacts in the process.
  • I got into a really good workout groove. Even though it's 7 days a week, I'm doing something different every day, adding yoga and body blast to Pilates, spin and weights. I like the diversity, and how each sort of helps the other, but I wonder if I'm sacrificing gains in each of them by only doing them twice a week. I may see a trainer in the new year about adjusting things.
  • I had a full year of gold-plated, affordable health care, thanks to SAG. I didn't meet eligibility for this year, though, so it's back to a crappy plan or COBRA. Anyway, got everything fully checked out and I seem to be in good working order.
  • I had what might have been one my least stressful holiday with family periods in many years. Not that there were fewer stressful things -- some of it was just awful -- but for some reason I approached it all with a more relaxed, accepting attitude.
  • I am sleeping like a baby. Very, very little waking up in the middle of the night worrying about everything. I think that's a result of being busy, productive and mostly content.
Looking back, I can see that even though much of this was unplanned, I was laying the groundwork without even knowing it. The book was the result of an increased push to do more networking early in the year. Along the way, as I was reaching out to people, it just occurred to me that I should do it.

And the new business stuff was the result of contacts I made over the last couple of years. Which totally reinforces the value of networking even when it doesn't seem to be having any direct, instant impact. You have coffee or lunch with someone, feel like you made a good impression, keep in touch, then a year or two later they think of you when something big comes up.

I feel a little guilty because it seems the entire Facebook universe had a horrible, horrible year. I guess it was just my turn to have a good one.

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