Friday, January 07, 2011


Reports have been coming in from around the hinterlands -- Atlanta, Kansas City, etc. -- that this spot was running again around the holidays.

Which would be great if they had permission to actually do that. The original contract was for 13 weeks. The only possible technicality I can imagine is maybe it didn't run the full 13 last year and they had some left over. But I'm 99% certain that's not how it works.

I had an issue like this five or so years ago. I actually got in touch with a lawyer over it, which didn't thrill my agent. It was a total clusterfuck. People at the client move on and "don't know" what the terms of use are, or the production company is afraid to alienate the client and the agent is afraid to alienate the production company, etc.

I eventually got more money out of it. It was never a ton of money in the first place, but it was the principle. Actors always end up getting the shaft.

I don't know exactly what the story is with this situation. The people I worked with were great. Hopefully my agent will get on this and be successful. Either way it will be a good test of the relationship.

All I know is, if I start using these in my speeches and presentations for my book I will feel zero compunction.

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