Monday, January 24, 2011

It lives

Last year I was tormented on and off again by this ongoing project from hell. And now I've got six more of these properties to write up. Six conference calls in four days, plus all the writing.

Again, it's not that it's particularly hard or beneath me or anything. But it's time consuming, energy sapping, and it always come just as some other major project is threatening. Today I was supposed to start up a new and very hard project, but nothing has happened with it yet.

But I am still scrambling madly to clear the decks ahead of it. So I just finished working a little bit ago, having done 9 hours of billable work (on top of all the usual smaller and admin-type stuff), and I'll be back at it from before dawn to long after dusk tomorrow and the next day and the next few days after that.

And what will happen? The other project will probably fall through altogether, and I could have gotten these six properties written up over a nice, leisurely two weeks instead of one.

But there's no way to know really. So I press on, into the night and the morning and so on ...

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