Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cross-eyed and painless

Another over-full day. By the afternoon I was getting seriously punchy, so I decided to go to the gym, which I skipped yesterday.

As I headed out I realized had not stepped outside for more than 48 hours! I've become a shut-in!

Terrible. But I've knocked out a lot of this one project -- 5 of 6 conference calls and nearly 4 of 6 write-ups. Just a little more in the morning then I save the rest for next week and pivot to the really important work.

First, a conference call with the publisher to go over the marketing plan for the book. Then some really heavy-duty analysis and writing for this new client that's going to take some serious brain power, which I hope haven't totally overspent for the week. I was down to writing near gibberish tonight.

So, other than letting the workouts go, I think I'm close to getting things completely under control. Tired.

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