Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bizarro booking

I did the second half of a print shoot yesterday. Friday was a short solo shoot, and yesterday was a full-day with a group.

It was threatening snow and ice, but with an early start and the MLK holiday, I got up to Buffalo Grove plenty early for the 9 am call, did makeup and wardrobe and ... waited. And waited. Two of the four actor/models weren't there. We're thinking it's the snow or the traffic or who knows what.

Sometime after 10 we're told that they didn't even know they were booked! Yes, we got late notice -- an email around 4 pm on Friday. And the agency should have called people in addition to emailing, but still. How does a modern human under retirement age go 60-70 hours without checking email?

So one guy was out of town, and missed out on a pretty good payday. (It must have been chaos at the agency as they scrambled for a substitute.) The other made it up by around 11:30.

Several hours of paid reading/Internet time turned into chaos for the rest of the day. Luckily, all the talent was pretty good, so things moved briskly once we got going.

And now, apparently, I've got another booking for Friday. A short one -- another crappy road trip, though. And no audition necessary.

I'm gonna see if I can keep this up for the whole year -- two bookings for every one audition.

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