Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Open wide, gift horse!

I've never been particularly good with the business gifts. The holidays always seem crazy enough without budgeting the time and money to come up with a handful of additional presents.

But this year it seemed kind of important. Three brand new clients helped bring in a good chunk of my total revenue, and I felt genuinely grateful and wanted to thank/acknowledge them. Which is exactly how and why gift giving should be done.

But once I started, I found it hard to stop. What about the other clients? The ones who have been around for a while but who maybe didn't generate a lot of work for me this year? Do I stiff them in favor of the shiny new thing? So I got them gifts as well.

Then it occurred to me: what about agents and casting directors? Oy. So I included them, too, albeit at a lower price point, as the acting income wasn't a huge percentage of my total income this year. Which sounds a little mercenary, but what the hell.

So I got lots of fun stuff -- mini-cupcakes (gluten free), my favorite chocolates (Scharffen Berger), organic snacks, gourmet pastas/sauces, chocolate covered pretzels, etc.

Today as I was making the rounds for the stuff that couldn't be delivered, it occurred to me that I hadn't been to Chicago's biggest commercial casting agency in a long, long time. Two months, to be precise (upon checking the calendar). I may have missed one audition opportunity due to vacation, but still that's a really long gap for a place I sometimes frequent 3 or 4 times a week. So much that we joke about getting me a cot there to sleep on.

I asked one of my agents what was going on and she said she'd been submitting me regularly. So it's not the talent agent, it's the casting people not picking me. (And when I was there one of the casting directors said hi, and in my imagination it was a sheepish hi, full of guilt for them having blackballed me for whatever transgression I'd committed.)

Big mystery. But then just a couple of hours later I got a call for an audition there tomorrow. That helps, but I'm still kind of concerned. I'll see what I can find out tomorrow ...

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