Monday, December 20, 2010

New Me (again)

The girls behind the counter at Argo didn't notice. Nor did my Pilates, yoga or spin instructors. Nor even the eight or ten theater friends I talked to Saturday night.

None of them noticed my new glasses, which I thought were such a radical transformation from the ones I got earlier this year. (And regretted ever since -- hint: do not pick frames that blend with your hair. Contrast is better.) For reference:

So with these I go back to black. Like my old ones:

And a cool new shape. Everyone has the rectangular ones these days. These new ones are more modern, without being overly trendy (ie. 1978 yearbook photo ugly). And they've got a retroish Clark Kent thing going.

But I guess they're not as different as I think. Or maybe these people aren't all that observant. Or it's possible, just possible, that I am not as much the focus of everyone's attention as I think I am.


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