Sunday, December 05, 2010

London Calling

The great shame of my life -- well, one of them, anyway -- is that I've never been to London. I've been to Bratislava (Slovakia) and Avila (Spain) and Zandvoort (Netherlands) and Etretat (France), but never to London. I guess I only go places where I don't speak the language.

Though that reminds me of the old line about the U.S. and Britain being two countries separated by a common language.

So I'm remedying that. Sort of a last-minute booking, though a trip in general that has been a long time in planning. The airfare was ridiculous (at least compared with 1990s prices, which was the last time I traveled widely overseas), but the hotel is F-R-E-E free, as K's gonna be out there on business.

As with Alaska, I figured I can't afford not to go! Plus, with the season and all, it should be a really cool time to be there -- a Dickens Christmas!

So I'm excited. And intimidated, for some reason. Other than Mexico a couple of years back I haven't been to another country since 2001. Ridiculous!

Three things I will NOT be doing are the wax museum, the changing of the guard and the Eye. Other than that, everything's on the table. Yippee!

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