Monday, December 06, 2010

That certain feeling

I had this audition last week at a photography studio I hadn't been to before, so I didn't know the people there. And I went in and did my usual thing -- I was courteous and friendly, if not super-warm and enthusiastic and making promises to have dinner and babysit their kids someday and go on vacations together (which is about how I presume it typically goes for the innately gregarious).

I'd had a super-busy day (working away in my quiet office away from the humans) and I got there toward the end of their casting session and there were a couple of other actors there who, to me, seemed insanely enthusiastic and boisterous and loud and laughing and joking and making conversation and talking about their lab coats (some actors have their own lab coats for medical roles, which this was) and it was all very ... annoying?

So I said my hellos and I went to my mark and I gave them the three or four quick poses and expressions they asked for and that was it. I said thank you and goodbye and headed back out as the other guys were still back there yucking it up.

At first I thought, I guess I should be doing that. And then I thought, no. This is a business and there's a line there and it's usually good to err on the conservative side of being overly chatty with the people who have to see 20 or 30 or 50 of you that day.

And I also thought, "I bet I got that." I really did. I just felt as soon as I hit the mark and did my work that I knew exactly what they wanted and how to give it to them. I've played a doctor (yes, ha-ha, on TV) at least a half-dozen times now, and it's the same basic thing: authority, warmth, confidence, caring.

So my agent called a couple of days later and, yes, I got it. There you go. Shoots tomorrow.

Sometimes ya just know. Ya know?

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