Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Cover Girl

This is the little cat that was the inspiration and poster girl for the one-act plays I wrote and put up a few years ago.

Wow, five years ago, actually. Hard to believe.

Anyway, she was a good kitty. She couldn't help it that she had only the one eye. And me being squeamish, I admit I had the designer re-touch her eyehole for aesthetic purposes.

Poor Leona died suddenly the other day. Strangely, she's the second one-eyed cat I know who met an untimely death in the past few weeks -- a friend of mine, who actually performed in this same show, lost her own one-eyed cat in a fire. So sad.

Goodbye, kitty. As much as I harassed you, you were good. And you always looked smart in your little tuxedo.


gretchen_anne said...

I didn't see this until today (the 13th) - thanks :-)

Rob Biesenbach said...

You're welcome!