Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Travel travails

The American people, or at least a certain percentage of them, have spoken loud and clear this holiday travel season, in the same voice and with the same logic we hear over and over.

They absolutely demand total, 100% security and safety from any terrorist threat, and are ready to hold the government responsible for any slip-ups. And they also are unwilling to pay any personal price whatsoever for such security, whether it's accounting for the true costs of war in the budget or submitting to a relatively harmless pat-down at the airport.

Just as they will happily affix a "Support our Troops" magnet to their car, while continuing to drive that car anywhere and everywhere, without regard to the economic or security consequences of our dependence on foreign oil.

I have traveled a few times since the new rules were implemented and the scanners don't bother me and the mild rub-downs don't either. What bothers me is that it's taken 40 minutes to get through security the last couple of times. If people would just get with the program, we could keep things moving efficiently.

But I guess getting to the airport two hours early, instead of one, is the price I pay for Freedom.

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Balwearie said...

The TSA can be rather intrusive regarding pat downs on handicapped travelers -- at times being far more thorough than they really need to be. That is merely a sign of a system which needs a bit of tweaking (and a few heartfelt apologies). The insane thing about this particular fracas is that most of these people who are bent out of shape about it don't travel on a regular basis which makes them very annoying to those of us who do. In fact, I suspect that some of the more vocal protesters don't fly at all.