Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Two (2) auditions this month. One film, one print.

I just quickly looked back through my calendar and didn't see a worse month in three years. It may be more than that, but that's as far back as I cared to look.

The thing is, it was kind of a relief, what with all the work, meetings and out-of-town trips I had this month. But I'm sure it will drive me nuts if it keeps up in the month ahead.

Not sure what the deal is. Maybe something's up at the casting houses. Maybe there's someone new who's my type and getting all my auditions. Turnover at one of my agent's may account for it, but generally what one misses the other one picks up.

Maybe I need a new agent. New headshots? More focus?

I'm going to not worry about it. Much.

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